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Hello my name is Julie.  I am an artist and animal lover.  I love to create pastel drawings of pets and animals.  Welcome to SeeMySoulPetArt home page. This website is about artwork.  It is also a place where I can write about compassion and kindness to animals and our earth.  Finally, it’s a venue I can just write about life and any thoughts that may arise.  Have a great day everyday!

Custom Pet Pastel Drawings 

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Custom Pastel Drawing Isaac

I transform your pet’s photo into a treasured work of art…
Order pastel drawings with devotion and attention to details.
Order Custom Pet Portraits here.

What a wonderful way to celebrate your current beloved pets and to memorialize them once lost.   I will create beautifully customized pieces based on previous work, which can all be previewed in the gallery/pricing navigation menu.  I am dedicated and work carefully and extensively to create high-quality artwork that you, family and friends can enjoy a keepsake for life.

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Custom Pastel Drawing Nala





Why Do We Eat Furry and Feathered Friends?

It is the year 2019……… Is there such a thing as compassion anymore? Yes….it’s the year 2019 and we are still eating our furry and feathered friends. Why? Think about it. We have been conditioned and programmed our entire lives to eat LIVING, EMOTIONAL BEINGS. These innocent animals are forced to live in disgusting unnatural conditions from …