Why Do We Eat Furry and Feathered Friends?

It is the year 2019………

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Is there such a thing as compassion anymore?

Yes….it’s the year 2019 and we are still eating our furry and feathered friends. Why? Think about it. We have been conditioned and programmed our entire lives to eat LIVING, EMOTIONAL BEINGS. These innocent animals are forced to live in disgusting unnatural conditions from the moment they are born. Then, after living (if that’s what you call it) they are brought to torturous and terrifying deaths. We, I suppose, don’t see their soulful eyes on our plates as we eat their dead carcasses.

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Here is the sole reason: money

It’s all a vicious horrific cycle, that continues and beyond. And the people in power KNOW they are not doing the right thing. The following is the list of the cycle.

  • Innocent animals are bred and raised.
  • Healthy and sick defenseless animals are tortured and killed.
  • Dead, decapitated, dissected bodies are packaged pretty and neatly in the grocery stores and labelled nicely with things like “pork chops,” “ham,” “bacon,” “summer sausages,” and so forth. Do you think we’d buy packages of meat labelled “This was an innocent living animal with eyes, but we chose to kill and mutilate it, so you can eat it, and we can make a ton of money off of you?” I doubt it.
  • Uninformed and programmed (I am guilty of being one of these consumers for much of my life) people purchase these dead animals for consumption.
  • These people get sick and die prematurely. They get hosts of unimaginable auto-immune diseases and other illnesses. To name a few would be cancer, diabetes type 1 and 2, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, psoriasis, and the list goes on and on.
  • Then, people face no other choice, but to go to the doctors and hospitals to get help.
  • The doctors continue to load us up with highly expensive procedures and medications. So now, we have bought the dead animals to get sick, and continue to spend all our money on medications and treatments, instead of preventing it all in the first place.
  • The hateful/murderous livestock and agriculture industry thrives. Healthcare (I call it Deathcare), doctors, lawyers, and pharmaceutical companies become ultra wealthy.
  • We, as consumers get sick and spend all our money to these companies, and continue to have an over all feeling of unwellness.

How can we change this cycle, so all living beings are happy?

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There is so much we can do to change this terrible haunting deadly cycle. The following are things we can do:

  • Don’t succumb to wasting your money by giving it to the rich by buying dead, tortured animals with eyes products. Simply put, stay away from the meat cemeteries in grocery stores.
  • Eat as much plant based whole foods as you can. Here is one of my all time favorite websites that has millions of plant-based recipes.

It’s called “One Green Planet” and can be found by clicking here.

  • Visit factory farms to see the disgust of it all.
  • Then visit a farm sanctuary where you can pet the furry and feathered friends that you didn’t kill and consume second hand.
  • Find compassion for animals! They deserve love, as we all do.
  • Be healthy, and don’t need to go to the doctors.
  • Get off your meds by eating as much plant based as you can.
  • Watch vegan and vegetarian health documentaries. You can find an extensive list if you go to my resources page.

You can also watch “Called to Rescue,” a beautiful documentary on those who save lives.

In conclusion…………

I grew up on a farm, and I know just how difficult it is to make a change in your lifestyle and emotional health, just by eating what is healthy for you. It’s taken me almost 7 years to transition into a 99.9 percent plant-based regimen. Just try one step at a time. Instead of making chili with ground beef, try substituting the meat with Beyond meat beefless crumbles. Drink a delicious chocolate smoothie with a plant-based milk for breakfast, rather than what I call a cholesterol-filled death breakfast with bacon and eggs. It’s hard but very doable for the health of your own body and for the compassion for this world’s innocent, beautiful animals.

Living Your Best Healthy Life

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Living your best Authentic Health Life

First I’d like to say, I realize this website is supposed to mainly be about artwork.  However, I think it’s important to write things about life in general.  And I think great health is paramount to be able to do the things you love most in life. 

Lately, I’ve been struggling with some health issues.  Namely, proctitis/inflamed hemorrhoids, and for the past 20 years, have dealt with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  It is an autoimmune disease which affects thousands of people annually. People have continually acquired countless illnesses, daily.   It’s no wonder pharmaceutical companies are laughing, huge checks in hand, all the way home.  They take millions of dollars from ordinary, uninformed people every year.  They live to hope you get ill, so they can sell you tons of super expensive meds at a continuous rate.

Best Healthy Living Food
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Everyone is different

As a reader of this site, you know I used to be a very heavy meat, dairy and egg eater.  I had endless health issues.  To name just a few:  hypothyroidism, hashimoto’s thyroiditis, sciatic nerve in  legs, cramps, anal fissures, proctitis, constipation, undying fatigue, etc.  So, I’ve been on meds for high blood pressure and thyroid issues for a very long time.  

So, I’m here to say, I’ve experienced so many of the same illnesses that millions of people currently have.  But, everyone is different, and should be eating what is best for YOUR body’s needs.  It is my desire to help those suffering, by eating the correct medicine to restore your health.  And ultimately, thrive.  Not just survive with a general feeling of “un-wellness” your whole life, like me.

living food  healthy  best
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Researching, testing, re-testing

As you know, I went full-fledged vegan in August of 2017, after struggling for so many years.  I’ve been saying “plant-based” ways of eating are highly recommended.  And I still believe this is true, for the most part.  However, after recently being diagnosed with proctitis, I began reviewing my food choices once again.  

I understand now, different people need to eat different food medicines for their unique issues.  Via my research, I ran across a wonderful website by Amie Valone, called The Healthy Apple.  I relate to her, as she, just as I, have been through a multitude of the same exact health issues.  

I also relate to Amie, as after 10 long years of debilitating sicknesses, she finally realized she would need to be her own advocate.  The only thing doctors were doing, was tons of invasive procedures, diagnosing diseases, and prescribing expensive drugs.  And, nothing she did, helped.  Until she started eating the right foods for her.  

I’m with her.  So…..back to the proctitis.  The doctors and GI people said I needed  yet another colonoscopy and endoscopy, immediately.  They prescribed suppositories at the ungodly rate of $8.50 per each one.  I decided right then, I was defeated and exhausted of the constant go to “yet another doctor” and get more drugs.  And, so, I began looking very very strongly at food as medicine for my specific bodily needs.

healthy  living best life
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I immediately opted OUT of the procedures, and didn’t get the meds.  Instead, I started researching anti inflammatory foods.  It startled me, that almost all autoimmune diseases prosper from foods that inflame.  The first week, I put tumeric and ginger spice in my green tea.  For lunch, I would drink a blueberry, flaxseed, almond butter smoothie.  God, forgive me……..I also began incorporating salmon back into diet, because of it’s super anti-inflammatory benefits.  All soy and gluten products were completely out of the picture.  Just a no no, for GI problems, and Hashimoto’s.  I do NOT eat any processed foods that are loaded with artificial chemicals horrible for anyone’s body.  I try to eat as though there aren’t any grocery stores.  So, eating “earth” and “nature’s” foods are the best. 

best  healthy  living  food  health
Photo by Jared Rice of Unsplash

Within two weeks of eating almost all anti-inflammatory foods, my body was literally back to normal.  I couldn’t agree more with Amie of The Healthy Apple.  I still believe eating almost all plant-based is the way to go.  She said she eats 99.99 percent plant-based, and I think that’s where I am right now, as well.  You need to discover what exactly the foods you need for your body to be at it’s best.  Just research, research, and you will eventually land on your best health of your life.  And it doesn’t matter your age.  Eat what’s right for your ultimate health.

Hope this article was helpful to you, and until next time, have a great day!!!  






What You Eat Is What You Are

Eat food healthy good
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You are what you eat

You’ve heard it a million times.  You are what you eat.  I am now in my fifties, and am now highly convinced this sentence is very true.  I don’t have any professional medical training at all.  Everything in this article, is based solely on personal experience. 

Various Foods effect people differently

Although various foods effect people differently, but for almost all of us, consumption of certain things effects us the same.  And it saddens me that most of our lives, we’ve been programmed to eat terrible, very unhealthy foods. 

This is how the circle works

The money-hungry sharks in the cruel meat and dairy industries  have regulated our eating habits since childhood.  This is what we’ve been taught, and learned to follow them blindly.  Every other commercial you see, is selling meat, dairy and sugar-loaded, addictive candies.  

Then, after we indulge in eating dead carcasses, milk meant for babies of cows, and over-loading on desserts/candy, we become ill.  There are tons and tons of preservatives, cancer-causing additives, fillers, GMOs, cholesterol, dyes, etc.  The list never ends.  I will use hot dogs as an example.  Millions and millions of hot dogs are consumed annually.  Not naming any brands here, but the labels are pretty much identical in nature.  There are no less than 14 ingredients in one dog, and only about 2 of those are actually good for you.  

This is the ingredient list:


Just think about it.  How many hot dogs have you eaten over your lifetime?  How many thousands of hot dog commercials have you seen?  I never ever used to read labels, but now I do on a consistent basis.  In my estimation, approximately 90% of processed, packaged foods, are literally killing us.  If you read labels,  all these unhealthy foods have extensive, harmful ingredients in them.  

So, the circle continues

It’s not your fault.  We’ve been programmed on a daily basis for years to eat unhealthy, violating crap into our systems.  All through rich, marketing companies that know how to lie to us, and get us to buy their dangerous, noxious products.  

As, I mentioned before, then we get sick.  We get cancer, or an auto-immune disease, or a host of other illnesses.  Then it’s time to spend an exorbitant amount of money going to see different doctors.  Often times, even doctors are unaware because they were taught by the unknowingly uninformed.  They are only there to diagnose your current issue, and prescribe medications.  Many times, these scripts are so expensive, the regular citizen can’t afford them.

An Example:

Until 5 years ago, I was told to eat “everything brown.”  Only brown rice, only brown pasta, only brown breads.”  And only eat lean cuts of meat.  This was supposed to be a universal fix for everyone.  As healthy as I wanted to be, I was actually doing the exact opposite.  My body was being ravaged alive.  Along with getting Hashimoto’s Thyroitis, and a list of other terrible ailments, I also was diagnosed with proctitis. 

The specialist said I had gluten-intolerance, and should stay away from ANY gluten-containing products on the market.  She said “I needed to have a colonoscopy AND endoscopy, immediately.  Suppositories were prescribed at a whopping $255.00, which I could not afford.  After many years, I know now, you need to be your own advocate.  Deterring the outpatient procedures, and expenses,  I just started eating differently. 

Immediately, I stopped consuming processed sugars, whole grains, and nuts.  I began to research anti-inflammatory foods to eat.  These are the foods I discovered were highly anti-inflammatory.

1.  Tumeric

2.  Ginger

3.  Pineapple

4.  Omega 3 fatty acids (chia seeds, flaxseeds)

5.  Blueberries/Berries

6.  Apples

7.  Green tea

8.  Garlic/onions

9.  Avocados

10.  Coconut/Olive Oils

The list goes on

The list of anti-inflammatory foods to eat goes on and on, and I was never aware of it.  I began eating these foods on a consistent and regular basis, and guess what?  Within one week after I started eating these foods, my horrible pain and symptoms of proctitis began to disappear.  Two weeks of eating these foods, and any discomfort I had for almost three months straight was virtually nil.  I know I linked this video before to watch, but it’s so profound, I’d like to link it again.  It’s by Dr. Terry Wahls, and you can view it here.

The vicious circle

So, the saga continues for most of us.  The meat, dairy, and sugar industries program us to buy and eat their junk.  Then we get sick.  We are prescribed mega-costly and sometimes unavailable prescriptions.  We are constantly in and out of the emergency rooms, and hospitals.  It all became simple to me.  Eat highly nutritious whole foods regularly, and watch your body and mind transform.  Or, the nightmare cycle will continue on and on and on.

In Conclusion

What you eat, is what you are, and how you feel.  Take some time to explore what foods are right to eat for your body to feel healthy.  It took me forever to figure it out, and it’s an ongoing process.  But, as it turns out,  foods with 3 ingredients or less on the label, or plain fruits and vegetables is your best bet.  I avoided the costs, and somewhat invasive procedures, just by eating the right foods.

Therefore, eat what’s good for your bod, and have a great life!  See you at my next post.  Enjoy!

How To Start Decluttering Your Life

Declutter,  organize, minimize
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It’s that time of year

Personally, my New Year’s Resolution is to slowly and over time, begin to declutter and organize my home.  I think it’s a great place to start.  When you begin to remove non-essential, non-sentimental items, you are creating space for the arrival of new elements.  The only problem is, in the past I always rushed and was overwhelmed with the process.  So, this time I made rules for myself, and perhaps they will help you too.

take your time

Don’t stress yourself out.  We all have very busy lives.  Work, children, pets, etc.  Don’t hurry at all, but do start the process to declutter.  Pick one very small section of your home.  Maybe just your desk, or one of your kitchen cupboards.  Take a before photo, so you can reward yourself later down the road, with an after photo.  Even if the process takes an entire year, pat yourself on the back.  

divide your area into sections

You don’t need boxes, just designate your small declutter area into three sections.  1.  Keep pile  2.  Throw away pile  3.  Donate or give pile.  Anything you keep, give it a home, whether it’s an important document, utensil, or chair.  

Starting within the office

Declutter, Organize,  Minimize
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I happen to be starting in my office, one file at a time.  Suze Orman has a wonderful list of what and how long you should keep documents here.  I will be referring to her list often, as I slowly make my way through each and every paper.  You can scan any documents you’re not sure whether to keep or throw.  Make sure you also save them on an external hard drive, just in case.  You can keep the most important documents in a safe or a small file.  And then get to shredding all the junk you don’t need. 

keep focused on one session per week

Pick one very tiny section of your home per week on which to focus.  Try to make it a quiet time of your day.  You don’t need any distractions while decluttering.  And, it bears repeating.  Take it as slowly as you need to.  Before you know it,  you will be loving your new, decluttered, organized home.  You’ll feel lighter, breathe easier, work easier, and won’t waste time looking for things.  Then, you can start working on bad habits, worn out ideas and toxic relationships that no longer serve you.

Hope this article helped you out a bit, and until next time, have an incredible day!



Do You Have Gluten Sensitivity?

gluten wheat rye barley oats
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Are you sensitive to gluten?

Gluten is a crazy thing, and I’m just beginning to learn about it now.  So, please follow along……as I have a story to share with you.  And hopefully we can start to understand this mystery, together, as it unravels.

diagnosed with proctitis

Recently,  I was diagnosed with proctitis, which is an inflammation of the rectum.  Along with an external inflamed hemorrhoid.   It’s difficult to describe the pain.  Every bowel movement is painful.  And, after each,  the only minor relief is limping into a very warm bathtub.  Then, there is a constant pressure throughout the day in your abdomen and groin area.  It’s difficult to concentrate on anything, whatsoever.  Just doing simple, daily tasks are difficult.  And forget about sleeping.  That’s your entire focus:  the pain.

urgent care

I thought it would go away on it’s own…….but a very long one month later, I couldn’t take the pain anymore.  So, I finally went to the local urgent care facility.  They diagnosed the proctitis, and inflamed hemorrhoid, and had me follow up with a gastroenterology specialist.  In the interim, they prescribed hydrocortizone suppositories, which helped the pain briefly subside.  But, they did not fully make the pain go away, and was still taking sitz baths.  

visit to gastroenterology specialist

So, my next stop was to the G.I. people.  I discovered, by surprise,  some relatives of mine have had celiac disease.  So, the nice lady doctor took two blood samples.  One to see if I had celiac disease, and the other to see if I had it in my DNA.  

The results

Fortunately, I do not have celiac disease.  Unfortunately, according to the specialist,  I am at moderate to high risk for getting celiac disease.  And, she told me, once you get the disease, there’s no way to reverse it.  So, she suggested I stop eating anything with gluten immediately, and return to her in one month.  

going gluten-free

As gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant folks know,  you must read the labels.  Finding gluten free foods is not the easiest task.  Especially, when you are vegan, or already on a restricted diet of some sort.  As I said, I’m new to this completely gluten free stuff.  So, perhaps, if you also need to eat gluten free,  we can help each other out.  I’ve been eating gluten free, three days now, and amazingly, I’m already feeling better.

examples of things I ate

1.  Spaghetti squash topped with homemade tomato sauce and mushrooms. 

2.  Mashed potatoes (with almond milk and vegan butter) topped with delicious vegan shiitake/button mushroom gravy.

3.  Potato salad with vegan mayo.

4.  Lots of whole fruits and veggies.  Like oranges, pears,  nectarines,  celery sticks, homemade guacamole, etc.


I have learned, in a very short period of time, that SO many processed foods, include gluten, it’s astounding!  I also learned I need to find a way to make homemade, gluten-free garlic bread.  Garlic bread is one of my all time favorite foods!  It’s very hard to live without bread products.  So, now, I get to be creative and learn how to intake food that my body appreciates.

you and gluten

If you have celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity/intolerance, please share your story with me.  Perhaps we can help each other and others, struggling with this problem.  We can share our thoughts and maybe some recipes, and walk this journey together.

Hope you liked today’s post and until next time,  have a wonderful day!

“After I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I said yes to food, with great enthusiasm. . . . I vowed to taste everything I could eat, rather than focusing on what I could not.”
Shauna James Ahern


Elderly People Rock

Elderly Couples Love Fun
Photo by Nathalia Bariani of Unsplash

Old people rock

I absolutely adore the elderly, and always have.  You just know, intuitively they have been through hell and back.  They’ve been through all sorts of natural disasters.  Like floods,  fires,  tornadoes, earthquakes,  mudslides,  ice-storms, wind storms and so forth.  

So many have suffered all sorts of ailments in their lifetimes.  Broken bones,  hemorrhoids,  cancer,  diabetes, auto-immune diseases.  Also,  high blood pressure, asthma,  depression,  eczema,  tooth decay,  acid reflux,  the flu,  colds, and the list goes on.

They have been in several accidents.  Perhaps tormented by a car crash,  a fall,  a boating incident, or any kind of other misfortune. 

Many have been robbed,  or scammed, or beaten.  Tormented by evil sorts who have zero compassion.

Almost every elderly person I’ve have the pleasure to meet or know are very kind,  yet do not mince words.  They are usually quiet, and never belittle you.  Occasionally, they speak their minds, because well……….the way I see it,  they certainly earned this right.  And this is why I always respect anyone older than myself.

My first remembrance

Every week our family always went to church.  We usually sat in the same pew, behind Mr. and Mrs. Tekippe.  They both donned very grey hair and Mr. Tekippe walked slowly with a cane.  It was a particularly special Sunday in May, as the Virgin Mary was to be crowned.  As a 7 year old, services seemed like forever, and I always squirmed.  That morning my little tummy hurt.  I created a “oh no” uniform congregation  whisper.  Just as the honorary was placing the wreath on Mary, I stood up and puked on Alois Tekippe’s right shoulder.  

My second recollection

This time I was 15.  My grandma had passed, so I spent a summer taking care of grandpa, Frank.  Hunching over Grandpa walked “by the inch.”  It was a 5 minute trek for him to get from the bedroom to the kitchen.  And it was a small home.  I look back now, and laugh so hard, because I can’t imagine how he could ever been so kind to me.  The only recipe I knew how to make at that time was creole pork chops.  That poor man endured a couple months of eating the same exact supper without once complaining.  Sorry Grandpa!

the elderly deserve respect

Finally, I would like to say, please give people older than you a chance.  After all, they have most likely experienced way more than you have.  Some older people will tell you what’s on their mind.  I don’t blame them.  Just let them say their peace, and move on.  The best way to understand them, is to simply visit them.  Sit down and have a heart to heart.  I have found they are extraordinary story-tellers, and you may be excited to get some worthy advice from them.  

Hope you enjoyed today’s post, and until next time…..have a beautiful day!